Friday, April 2, 2010

Tegan and Sara Concert

I had been anticipating this concert since I was a junior in high school. Tegan and Sara are definitley on my top 5 favorite artists of all time. Their eclectic sounds with a touch of indie and folk..that's just right up ally for awesome music. I sing their songs all day long, and you just know that they're speaking from reality when they're singing.

Okay, so in my earlier post I mention that Steel Train and Holly Miranda were the opening acts for the show. All I can say is "wow" about Holly Miranda. That girl has a voice that you would never believe came out of her. She is pretty folky but you feel every emotion that comes through each word that she speaks. Its absolutely unbelievable. I can't even express how awesome she is. Steel Train, was okay. They were just a normal boy rock band. They did some cool stuff during their set, but at the end of it I didn't feel anything. But they have good voices and they play their instruments well.

Now...on to Tegan and Sara. WOW WOW WOW! They are so much fun to watch. They talk to the audience, tell stories, and just laugh at themselves. They are hilarious. They are not afraid to be who they are, they talk about their girlfriends or past girlfriends and they're extremely comfortable in their own skin. They played pretty much every single song off of The Con and Sainthood and those are my favorite albums. Please go to a show if you can!!

Now, my only complaint about this concert is the audience. What the hell is up with sitting down in your seats? NO! That is not how I attend a concert. At all shows I'm standing up singing loudly, dancing with my hands in the air. But every person was seating in their seats, and even worse..they weren't even bobbing their heads or anything. They were, by far, the worst crowd I've ever seen. If I were Tegan and Sara and I would have had the same audience..I would have immediately stopped and said "Get the hell up and start dancing!!" I want my fans in my face singing as loud as I am. SO that is my only downfall of the show.

Tegan and Sara are going on tour with Paramore this summer. And they ARE coming to Cleveland August 10th at the Tower City Amphitheater. Get your tickets while you can, this will not be a show to miss!

I hope this all leaves you quite happy. I'm off to enjoy the sun that shining brightly through the windows.

music to your ears!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ask me anything...go ahead. I'll be as honest as possible!

Who's your idol?

Ahh, this is a hard one. Um, well like celebrity wise? I'd say Alicia Keys or India Arie. But in my life? My entire family, they're a huge influence on me.

Ask me anything...go ahead. I'll be as honest as possible!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask me anything...go ahead. I'll be as honest as possible!

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

hahaha, um? Well if a woodchuck could chuck would, then it'd be his probably ALOT! :)

Ask me anything...go ahead. I'll be as honest as possible!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ask me anything...go ahead. I'll be as honest as possible!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's go running!

All right, so Valentines day is over, and so is the weekend. It is time to put the unhealthy food and dessert away, and get back to the gym. Well, if any of you are like me, it was a bit of a struggle to get up and be motivated to excercise this morning.

Music is an andrenaline rush for me. A good melody and meaningful lyrics can speed up my heart rate within seconds. What is more perfect than listening to some of your favorite artists to keep you motivated during your workout?

Here are a few artists that are continuously playing while I'm at the gym.

No Doubt

New Kids on The Block (old or new)

Kanye West

30 Seconds to Mars


Most of the time when I'm at the gym I try to have my music on shuffle. It gives you a surprise every time. I also separate my normal playlists from my workout playlists. Nothing is worse than working out hard to No Doubts "Sunday Morning" and then turn around and here Taylor Swifts "Fifteen". Hahaa!

So while you're working out, remember to stay motivated to what you're listening to. It truly does help, and by the time you've listen to 10 of your favorite songs, you basically already done 30 mins.!


Music to your ears!